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Eduard Oganyan

EDUARD OGANYAN Eduard Oganyan (administrator/trainer) Academy of Innovation, Nizhniy Novgorod.

Founder,manager and trainer of Academy of Innovation.

Since 2010 workign as trainer and expert in different activities. For this time implemented over 30 national and international trainings for intercultural groups. During this time, worked in different international teams, with co-trainers coming from different cultural and social background on the following topics: project management, youth participation, youth empowerment, cultural dialogue, social inclusion, non-formal education, volunteering, leadership, personal development, conflict transformation and peace building.

Since 2011 member of SALTO EECA Pool of accreditors for EVS progamme in Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia.

2010 – 2013 administrative support of SALTO EECA in organization of EVS training cycle in Russia. 2007-2013 Founder, administrator and finance manager at SFERA Movement. 2003-2007 International voluntary projects coordinator at Nizhny Novgorod Voluntary Service.

Volunteering experience: 1999 – 2013 Volunteer at Nizhny Novgorod Voluntary Service, 2003 EVS volunteer in KVT Finland, 2003 – 2008 Volunteer and campleader in international work camps and short-term projects in Finland, UK, Czech Republic and Russia. Volunteer of the XXII Olympic Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi, Russia.