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Training Course “MovieDoc”

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce that our next project ready to lunch in a few days.

Documentary  Film-making  Training Course “MovieDoc”  on Promotion of Human Rights  Education will take place in a period 26 April – 4 May , 2017, in nice place  Dilijan, Armenia

The current world is full of challenges for democracy like refugee crises, conflicts, security issues and hate speech, young people are particularly vulnerable to social exclusion, instability and aggression. Democracy is not possible without equality and having the same access to the rights, that is still the case for many young people with disability or belonging to some minority groups. In this TC studying together real-life cases and successful examples of inclusion of young people with Autism, activism, learning theoretical background of impact of video tools will become base for the knowledge vital for youth worker. On the other side participants learning in the inclusive group will develop personal competence of leaving and working in the mixed group, which will be equally beneficiary for both – people with and without special needs.From the life skills all participants and particularly participants with special needs will develop autonomy, discipline, traveling and ability to communicate as part of the learning process by using appropriate means.

Participants will learn how to develop idea (script), shoot, edit and disseminate video tools of human rights education, inclusion and tolerance.