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Communication With No Words

This LTTC, was aimed to tackle the competence of youth workers to build and to facilitate the meaningful communication process with young people with marginalized background.

One of our main aims for this project was  to foster non-violent communication in educational process addressing current challenges such as intercultural dialogue in the work with refugees or preventing radicalization of young people through different forms of art including drawings, sketching, comics, different forms of theatre, dance etc.

OBJECTIVES of the training course

–  To discuss youth work realities in different countries and ways of communication with multicultural groups

–  To discuss what non-violent communication is its features and ways to ensure it in different youth work settings. To share positive and negative practices among participants.

– To discover different layers of meaningful communication: rational, emotional and kinesthetic and to experience them.

–  To reflect on the effects of non-verbal communication, and how it’s linked with the personal attitudes;

–  To become conscious about personal body language when working in multicultural environment;

– To explore different forms of art that can serve building a non-violent communication process in the multicultural groups.

– To discuss benefits and limits of various communication tools

This LTTC  consisted of two phases:

First activity was be focusing on exploring visual tools of communication such as drawing, sketching, doodling, etc., it took place 7 – 15 of October 2017 in Czech Republic. The participants were focused on self-expression and communication through art. They  tried to convey different emotions by using color and form.


The second activity was a continuation of the first part, but it was dedicated to plastic kinds of art (theatre, dance and bodyworks), so the participants learnt to express themselves using their body and voice, will become aware of personal body language and self-expression. It took place 14 – 22 of  April 2018, in the Czech Republic

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