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Design and share your city

The project responds to the needs of young people with fewer opportunities, helps them to orientate themselves in their cities and life, fulfills their interests within the public spaces and shows the ways of dealing with problems and achieving goals. Main methods, used during the project are the methods of nonformal education and the Design Thinking approach. The methods of the Design Thinking approach are user-oriented and allow to
determine the needs of the target group, which is not possible on its own. It is based on the teamwork, visual and haptic impressions and allows to achieve new creative solutions. On the project, the teams of young people gather the information about the public spaces of their area, learn and compare their own and European values and norms, implement their urban projects. As a result, they get to know particular strategies, they can apply in their further personal and professional projects: to find a meaningful job or further education / job, to initiate a project for the local community or to set up their own youth project.

The project took place in Krasnodar, Russia from 26th of June till 7th of July. The exchange program consisted of two parts. During the first part, the
participants will get acquainted with the exchange program, the topic and thought about their future urban projects. During the second part the participants developed and implement their projects.


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