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Long terrm EVS Project in Italy

This project helped the volunteers to get new knowledge, skills, attitudes, therefore improving their personal development and involvement in society:

  • languages, improved knowledge of English, learning Italian and a bit of Russian/Portuguese, more awareness of own mother tongue;
  • awareness of other cultures and countries (European and non European as Russia but also asylum seekers countries as Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, Afghanistan etc.) and of the European values (especially tolerance and respect of human rights);
  • building an international network of contacts (in Italy, Russia, Portugal but also the countries of the other volunteers hosted in Faenza and other towns nearby) in order to widen the comfort zone of the volunteers and make it easier for them to travel and live or work in other countries;
  • increased creativity skills (if not artistic, problem solving skills, thinking out of the box) and habit of intercultural dialogue and critical thinking;
  • sense of initiative and empowerment will be developed by implementing volunteers’ own project and
  • activities according to their interests;
  • new media, opening and managing a blog on wordpress and social media pages;
  • acquisition of transversal skills (graphics for posters, project preparation and management, blogging, facilitating etc.) which will enhance employability and active participation in society after the project’s end;
  • motivation in taking part (and organizing) in more Erasmus+ and international projects.
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