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“HOME” Long-term training course aiming to address the current refugee crisis in Europe.


By December 2015, around 1 million of people was entering the EU and neighboring countries either escaping conflict or searching of safety and better life.  As a reply to the situation, European Commission developed the European Agenda for Migration, drawing on the various tools and instruments available at the EU level and in the Member States. One of the tools for example is a direct humanitarian aid to the victims of conflicts, another tool to support to integrate different refugee groups to the hosting communities. Young people is one of the most vulnerable groups and youth NGOs have a great potential to support them, but it is much easier on words then on practice.

There are many challenges in this process, and many NGOs would love to play active role but do not know how, what exactly they could do. There are 2 main ways that exist at the moment: either youth NGOS works with refugees directly, creating some educational programmes or they are dealing with local communities that sometimes are not really welcoming new comers.

The HOME project will consist of 2 main parts:

training course on understanding the phenomena of refugees that will tackle such topics as human rights, intercultural dialogue and reflecting personal competences (skills, knowledge and attitudes) towards refugees  and  seminars on strategic-planning for NGOs on how to address this challenge.

The second seminar will include training element on strategic planning, sharing tools, best and worst practices.



TC “Home”, 02 January -09 February 2017 Yerevan, Armenia

Study Visit “Home” , 08 -15 April 2017, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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