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InFormal Creativity

InFormal Creativity

integration of creative approach and visual thinking skills to the formal education system for youth empowerment at local level.

«inFormal Creativity» long-term training course aiming to enable educators, and youth workers coming from formal education background to embed non-formal education principles, methodology and visual thinking tools in order to create friendly and safe environment for youth empowerment and increasing youth participation and creativity at local level.


  • to re-evaluate the role of educator in the formal system
  • to introduce non-formal methodology and tools and to adapt them to the formal background
  • to introduce the concept of youth empowerment and to experience empowerment tools
  • to understand the importance of youth participation and how non-formal education methods can contribute to more interactive education process inside schools/colleges/universities
  • To increase awareness of using visual thinking tools in youth work and training
  • To learn what are those tools and how to apply them to concrete youth training practice
  • To create a common “graphical vocabulary” that can be shared with more youth trainers and youth workers afterwards
  • To explore different art and graphic techniques and define how they can be useful in our work with youth.
  • To try out different techniques and identify what fits more to your own personal facilitating style.
  • To become more self-expressive and to reduce risks of misunderstanding
  • To learn how to stimulate critical thinking with graphical tools


This long-term training course will consists of 3 parts:

inFormal Creativity Basic

(7 working days in August 2017) – aiming to develop general trainers’ competences and creative approach to work with youngsters. We will deal with all kinds of graphic tools and techniques. Everything related to the art, drawing and graphics:

  • Visual thinking
  • Graphic facilitation
  • Info-graphic
  • Scribing
  • Poster making
  • Graphic recording
  • Doodling and zentangle
  • Comics
  • Mind Mapping e.t.c.

inFormal Creativity PRACTICE

the practical phase between to training, when participants will try out to use non-formal education and visual thinking tools working with students and schools children; During this stage trainers will be consulting participants on-line and will support the educational sessions development with feedback and coaching.

inFormal Creativity Digital

(7 working days in December 2017) – the second and the last training in the frame of the LTTC. It is related to all digital skills. Everything related to the video, photo, digital and on-line tools.

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