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History Diaries

TC for young people on historical memory, remembrance, critical thinking, mass media, conflict analyses and what influence history have on conflicts today, specially on conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The objectives of the project:

  • To get acquainted with the historical context of the perception of conflicts on the territory of the Russian Federation and Ukraine through the prism of memories in families, to analyze the processes of memory formation about disasters, tragedies and conflicts in families and communities
  • Try to consider and understand the history of different-sized communities in a wider context through acquaintance with the past families of project participants from different regions and countries.
  • To work out and understand the lessons of the past, combining them with the current situation in Russia and the world, and also try to build a model of a better future, understanding the causal relationships of the influence of perception of the past on interpersonal and intergroup interaction.
  • To help in finding ways of reconciliation both at the personal and social levels of young people from different countries

As part of the project, young people from the Russian Federation and Ukraine explored the theme of family and history, the processes of formation of individual and collective memory, its impact on people and the community

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