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LTTC “No Hate”

A project “No hate” is a long-term project aiming at combating with the hate speech online and to promote no hate speech movement among young people.

The project contains two elements:

1. Youth Exchange in Luxembourg from 8th till 17th of December 2017;

2. Training course “No Hate” in Yerevan, Armenia from 10th to 18th of February 2018

The first activity of the project is the Youth Exchange on internet literacy, that will involve not just young people but also bloggers and online activists. After this exchange, we expect our group to start the online campaign “Be the change: make internet safe for everybody”.

– To introduce participants to No Hate Speech Movement, its aims and objectives
– To explore Human Rights and Human Rights Education in addressing hate speech online.
– To get aware about internet literacy and mechanisms of protection online.
– To explore Instruments on Hate Speech and Internet Governance.
– To discuss the role of Blogger in countering hate speech online.
– To start the online campaign for promoting of safe internet
PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS: The participants will be 28young people interested in education and/or training, volunteers working with young people that meet the following criteria:
 aged from 15 to 20 years;
 English Language and communication skills;
 The need to improve skills and competences relating to the topic of the project;
 Willingness to cooperate and develop future projects in Erasmus+;
 The role/ involvement with Youth Work and the sending organization.
In general, as the project aims to support the development of skills and competences to improve youth work, the project intends to involve all actors that are working in the educational sector and other sectors involving young people.

The second part was a training course was  aimed to equip youth workers teachers and trainers with knowledge and skills on how to tackle the topic of hate speech with young people through non-formal education. There were 25 participants from 9 countries: Luxembourg, Poland, Georgia, Germany, Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey.

The objectives of the second part were

– Raise the awareness of young people to the campaign and its issues and involve them in the campaign through education activities

– To introduce the concept of peace education, conflict transformation, intercultural dialogue and human rights

– To introduce the practical educational tools on how to address those topics with young people

-Disseminate the educational approaches of the NHSM among multipliers in the member states where the campaign is ongoing

-Disseminate Bookmarks, and develop educators’ competences in using it with young people

-Associate this target group to the campaign, by training them to be active in the NHSM through education.


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