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Stories of Human rights

“Stories of Human Rights” is a youth exchange that will bring together 26 youngsters aged 16-25 from Germany, Ukraine and Russia to raise awareness about human rights. The project took place in Krasnodar, Russia 23 February – 3 March

Throughout the youth exchange we will work with methods of performance art to learn about human rights, as well as to share different cultural realia human rights face in our communities. By using interactive methods as creative approach we want to explore
the topic in a new manner in order to find new solutions to an already long existing issue.


● raise awareness about human rights;
● bolster cultural awareness and expression through introducing and working with methods of performance
● share cultures, exchange ideas and learn from diversity present during the project;
● share ideas and come up with solutions against violations human rights face in our communities;
● empower participants to become change agents and make significant contribution in their communities;


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