ACTIVITY 2. Quality Assessment

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ACTIVITY 2. Quality Assessment

inFormal Quality Assessment, training course, 6-14 December 2015 (including arrival and departure days) Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.

This is the second and the last activity (we do not count the Practical phase into Activities; if so, it would be third activity) in the frame of the project. The main aim is to assess outcomes from the practical stage as well as the personal and professional development.


  • Reflecting on the outcomes from the practical phases of LTTC
  • Assessing personal and professional development
  • Assessing personal training style and personal expression
  • Sharing “best” and “worst” practices of integration of NFE in the formal education in the field of youth empowerment
  • Discussing different approaches to NFE, youth empowerment
  • Creating new tools for youth empowerment
  • Re‐looking different theories and means of NFE
  • Peer-to-peer learning and support
  • Developing the personal learning plan
  • Assessing and evaluation of techniques of different forms of learning
  • Creating the innovative learning modules

These two activities are directly contributing to the projects activities, as after 4 months of intensive learning process our participants will develop not only competences in non-formal education and in the topic of youthempowerment, but also other competences linked to their professional profile and broader understanding of non-formal education as the most effective tool for youth empowerment. They will also get a concrete assessed and evaluated experience of cooperation between formal and non-formal education that will become basis for future joined work on the topic of youth empowerment.