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International training course
29.01.2016 — 06.02.2016, Armenia

Foreign Students Association (Luxembourg) in cooperation with Academy of Innovation and World Independent Youth Union NGO is launching call for partners international training course “COACHING FOR CHANGE” that when approve will take place in Armenia in November 2015.
Coaching is about helping young people to discover who they really are, what kind of potential they have and what kind of change in the society they can foster. We see coaching as one of the most efficient and up-to-day ways to support young people in change-making process, by developing their skills, abilities and improving performance.
At the end of the training course, participants will learn how to use coaching for self and professional growths, how to assist young people in setting up and achievement higher goals, how to improve performance, efficiency, and general life satisfaction, how to deal with challenges and fears. Moreover, of course they will get basic competences and make the first steps in being a coach.

● Youth participation and youth empowerment
● Change-making and social transformation
● Holistic approach and COACHING
● Coaching models, methods and tools
● Skills and abilities coaching
● Coaching cycle
● Individual and group Coaching

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